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Shrink Wrapper

Shrink Wrapper

What is a Shrink Wrapper:

The shrinkwrapper takes care of creating the bundle, the plasticized package that usually contains the bottles or cans that are commonly found in the supermarket. The machine works in two phases. The first deals with creating and enclosing the containers through a shrink film. The second, through an oven, is responsible for heating and consequently making the external plastic adhere to the contents.

How does it work used Shrink Wrapper equipment for sale:

The shrinkwrapper is one of the latest machines encountered in a bottling line, a part that is defined precisely as the end of the line. It is placed immediately after all the phases that lead to having the product bottled and finished. Once the bottle is finished, it is transported to a divider that creates two or more rows of bottles in order to make them enter neatly inside the shrinkwrapper. At this point the shrinkwrapper wraps the bottles with a shrink film that can be printed or neutral. After the wrapping phase, the bundle enters the final part of the shrinkwrapper consisting of an oven which, by means of the heat, makes the film adhere to the bottles. In this way the classic “shop” packaging is created. The only thing missing at this point before transporting it on the pallet is the handle that is used to carry the water crates by hand, however, engaged by another machine, called handle applicator.

Where it is used:

The shrinkwrapper is used in all those processes where a container needs to be packaged together, to facilitate transport. In the collective imagination, the burden is associated with the classic pack of six or twelve bottles of water or various drinks. This is partly true, it is generally used to contain all those products that are then found in the store in bulk. The person in charge of restocking the shelves in a store will unpack the package and place the products inside.

Differences of used shrink wrap equipment:

The main differences are made up of speed, which is defined in strokes or burdens per minute. The entry into the machine from the last machine before the shrinkwrapper, in line or at 90 °. If there is also the tray insert function, the possibility of inserting a cardboard tray inside the bundle. This is to create a support for the internal containers, as in the case of jars of mayonnaise, bottles of vinegar, etc.

The possibility of working with neutral or printed film, customizing the company logo.

Famous brands of used shrink wrap equipment:

For the shrinkwrappers we can find among the most prestigious brands. Zmbelli, Dimac, Krones, Ocme, Smi Group.