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Why and how to purchase used bottling machinery

More and more companies are considering purchasing used bottling machines or used bottling lines. Below you can find a list of our best tips and recommendations to help people like you, who deal with bottling. Buying a used bottling machine can save you a lot of money. Financially speaking, new machines start to lose value immediately after purchase. With used bottling machinery you can save from several thousand to millions of Euros. Already for this reason alone, it is certainly worth buying a used machine.

On our website, you can find out about all the aesthetic and mechanical characteristics of the product you are interested in and we guarantee that you will spend much less on the purchase, compared to new bottling machinery.
By purchasing a used bottling machine, you can save between 35% to 60% off of the price you would pay for a new machine, so whether you want to buy a used machine to start a new operation or to change an existing one, it is worth taking a look at the used bottling market first.

Sometimes changing one machine or the entire bottling line is unavoidable.
The choice to change models or update existing ones can depend on many factors. The reasons can be numerous.
Maybe you have to start producing more than in the past. Or one of the machines has become inefficient, starts causing problemsstops or slowdowns. Smuch so that it is difficult to reach the daily production volume needed.   


Pre-purchase research on used bottling machinery 

First of all there are many advantages of buying used machines.
However, there are important things to pay attention to during the purchasing process.
While searching for – and eventually purchasing – used bottling machines and especially used complete bottling lines, it is necessary to take some important preparatory steps. First of all, during the research it is essential to have clear ideas about your real needs.
You need to have a specific idea of the machine and your requirements, looking for it in the appropriate section of the website. 

For example you need to know: 

  • What type of container you want to use 
  • If it has a particular shape, molds 
  • The type of the bottle neck 
  • The size and type of the cap
  • The type of final packaging 

Finally it is important to know the history of the used bottling machinery or line, if possible the working hours, if the machine has been overhauled and maintained regularly and if the maintenance has been carried out by specialized technicians. These are all factors that help in understanding which bottling machine to buy. 


Why purchase through Used Bottling Lines™ 

We differ from other vendors of used machinery in that we will not abandon you after the purchase is finalized and we will accompany you through all stages of the purchasing process up until the start of production. This completely revolutionizes the relationship that is created with the buyer by ensuring that there is no doubt about the operation of the bottling machinery thereby establishes a relationship of trust that is very rarely found online in this type of sector.  Our goal is to work with our customers on a continuous and not on a one-off basis. In case you need to sell or buy other used bottling machines or need other services we are happy to help you reach your goal.

Moreoverif you are lucky enough to find what is right for youyou can have it immediately.
You don’t have to wait months for the manufacturing, the transport, the assembly and everything that follows.
On our site, utilizing various filters, you can very quickly find the machinery best suited to your professional needs.
And if you don’t, just send us your request via our contact form and we may just find you the correct machine in a heartbeat.

You can find out in-depth information of the machines down to the smallest technical details and carry out searches by filtering based on: 

  • the manufacturer 
  • year of construction
  • the speed expressed in bottles per hour 
  • the type of product
  • the type of container
  • formats 
  • the current state of the machine; 
  • the production hours 

Plus a lot of other data that are specific to the type of operation of that single bottling machine or complete bottling line.
For any information, please fill out our contact form and our staff will answer any questions you might have. 



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