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Used Bottling Lines™ was created in 2010 from the merger of two companies with a combined experience of twenty years in the bottling sector.
We combined our knowledge, and used it to offer a complete service, starting from the exploration of appropriate machines, throughout the sales process and to putting them into production.
We actively collaborate with over 200 agencies on the research, purchase and sale of bottling machinery. We cover the full range of marketable beverages, including pharmaceutical and medical products.

Thanks to our extensive catalog, we are able to offer bottling solutions, complete lines and single machines of any nature and potential, for any type of product and market.
We use our experience to select only the machinery most suitable to the needs of potential buyers. We personally review each machine to make sure it meets the highest quality standards of operation and reliability. We are not content to act as a mere “sales intermediary” and provide advice and assistance on site.

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Our consultancy includes the complete design of a new plant, meaning of one or more complete lines starting from scratch or from the study of a specific single machine such as a filler or labeling machine that is inserted into a line already in production.

Our unique position and knowledge allows us to choose the best machines from the best brands, and to adapt existing production plants to the different needs of the buyer and thereby to new market needs, without having to forcibly replace all machines with the same number of new ones.


Over the years we have managed to have the largest fleet of machinery globally specialized in bottling. With us, if your company is looking for a machine, you will surely find the right fit on our website. You are also welcome to contact us directly and provide us with all the data and specifications of what you are looking for. Our staff is prepared to provide solutions quickly and efficiently.

Machines can be acquired based on “seen and liked” formula or inclusive of warranty, revisions and turnkey services, based on the needs of the buyer.
In addition to the large catalog of used machinery, we also have a “New” section where we offer tailor-made machinery and lines with warranty and related services, at used prices. All the machines can be purchased by customizing the characteristics, such as the type of product processed, the type of container used, the production speed, etc.


We are in daily contact with companies who want to sell their equipment, machinery, complete lines or entire bottling plants. We have both the possibility of listing these on our site and acting as intermediaries, as well as directly purchasing them in the case of a particular interest in certain machinery.
All the machines on the site are also advertised on the major industrial advertising platforms and on social networks controlled by Used Bottling Lines. They can be viewed all over the world in 46 different languages.

Spare parts

Bottling machines work generally non-stop or with long shifts, every day for many years. This obviously leads to wear of the more or less sensitive parts which are part of the operating mechanisms of a machine.
Using our spare parts you have the advantage of having the highest possible quality at a price that is substantially more accessible than the parts that come directly from the parent company. Additionally, manufacturers often take a long time to supply the spare part, possibly causing long production stops, further inconvenience and unnecessary expenses, and we can help with this point too.

Precisely for these reasons and spurred on by repeated requests from buyers, we decided to be not only suppliers of machinery but also suppliers of equipment and spare parts. This way we truly offer a complete service, and leave nothing to chance. To facilitate any maintenance, the most common spare parts for all machines are on sale from our warehouse.

Additionally, we actively collaborate with major manufacturers of spare parts and have the possibility to have any piece in short order and at competitive prices.

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We offer turnkey services from the initial design phase to the putting the finished plant into production.
We provide upgrades for machinery with PLC and dated electronics, transport and handling of machinery, disassembly or assembly, revisions, warranty services and repair/ replacement services. We also have teams of specialized technicians available for on-site assistance at very competitive prices.

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