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    We specialize in the design and assembly of new – used mixed bottling lines.

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    Used Bottling Lines

    Used Bottling Lines constantly strives to provide state-of-the-art bottling solutions and flawless work.
    Our philosophy is simple, to offer our customers bottling-specific systems and services, with an approach that goes beyond the role of middlemen. We believe in attention to detail and creating extraordinary experiences.
    That’s why we are dedicated to 360° in all phases of buying and selling used bottling equipment, with a range of state-of-the-art services, including:

    • Customized consulting and design;
    • Bottling machine overhaul and maintenance;
    • Transportation and assembly;
    • Testing and upgrades;
    • Bottle format changes;
    • Turnkey services for a worry-free experience;
    • Product warranty.

    For us, excellence is not just a goal, but a way of working. We partner with leading manufacturers to offer our customers the best bottling machines available on the market. Our team of skilled technicians is at your complete disposal to follow the entire process of bottling machine disassembly and assembly, ensuring the utmost care and precision at every stage, for a result that exceeds expectations.

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    Want to sell?

    If you want to sell your bottling machine or various equipment, we can decide together to buy your equipment or advertise it directly on our website.
    We handle all inquiries, subsequent visits and bureaucracy throughout the buying and selling process.
    We can also provide you with assistance and take care of the disassembly and transportation of the equipment directly.

    Looking for a bottling machine?

    We are proud to have the largest fleet of specialized bottling machine and bottling equipment on the market worldwide.
    By visiting our website, you can find a wide range of machinery, available both in current condition and with additional services, such as complete overhauls, upgrades, and more.

    Our company is committed to accompanying you throughout the entire purchasing process, offering comprehensive support. We also take care of logistics, including transportation, assembly and disassembly, and will assist you in the testing and commissioning of the machinery.


    “Our company Industrial Kingdom which deal with olive oil had a good deal with Ubl and we were very satisfied. Hope we have a lot of business with this bottling machinery company.”

    Wael R.

    “Very good supplier, disassembly, maintenance, spare parts, installation and start up. I bought some bottling machines from them and I have found very good machines and assistance.”

    Claudio C.

    “We purchased two bottling lines for spirits from UBL Srl. We are very satisfied with the quality of this goods and the expected and agreed delivery times. I can recommend their services.”

    Giorgio R.

    *all reviews are taken directly from Google*