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Access to hundreds of bottling machines available for purchase.

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We buy all your used bottling equipment, find out how.

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We offer a multitude of additional services for bottling machinery.

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We manage spare parts for different brands.

Buying complete bottling lines and used bottling machinery.

Thanks to our extensive catalog we are able to offer bottling solutions for complete lines of any nature and potential. Our continuous market research allows us to have many privileged options. We can guide you towards choosing the machinery that best approaches your needs, delivering you the best possible product. This is also due to the fact that they are not linked to a single brand.

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We care that everything you see online is an identical live result.

We always try to obtain any relevant information so that you can evaluate the bottling machinery in the best way, already remotely through our site. Whenever possible, we go to do it personally, on site. Photos, videos and everything you need to allow you to see every little detail on the state of the equipment.
Our goal is to ensure a completely satisfactory purchase.

Our unique experience in the bottling machinery sector.

We have a great deal of experience in selecting suitable used bottling machinery according to to the needs of potential customers. Each machine is inspected by our staff to ensure it meets our quality standards of performance and reliability. Not acting as simple sales intermediaries, we provide on-site advice and assistance.

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We founded this company with the express purpose of guiding you step by step through the entire process of purchasing bottling machinery.


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The passion we put into our work is infinite. You will love collaborating with us.


“Our company Industrial Kingdom which deal with olive oil had a good deal with Ubl and we were very satisfied. Hope we have a lot of business with this bottling machinery company.”

Wael R.

“Very good supplier, disassembly, maintenance, spare parts, installation and start up. I bought some bottling machines from them and I have found very good machines and assistance.”

Claudio C.

“We purchased two bottling lines for spirits from UBL Srl. We are very satisfied with the quality of this goods and the expected and agreed delivery times. I can recommend their services.”

Giorgio R.

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