Used Bottling Lines

Wrap Around Packer

Wrap Around Packer

Wrap around packer is a complete cartoning machine as it contains all the phases that are foreseen to form, fill and close a carton.

Three normal production phases:

Usually, a machine is used that forms the cardboard by taking it from the cardboard storage with suction cups; then putting it in an automatic system. That one opens the cardboard and puts it in possession to be transported with belts under the case packer. Sometimes the underside of the carton is closed with glue which is applied to the flaps of the carton. This is to ensure that it is closed before reaching under the cartoning machine. Once this is done, the bottles are inserted in an orderly manner and in rows inside the carton through centering devices that help the bottle. Focus is not to break and to be correctly addressed in the provided space. Once this is done, the full carton is brought with a system of belts and chains to the carton sealer. These will close the upper parts of the American carton either with tape or glue. This whole procedure requires space inside the shed and to remedy this you can resort to the wrap around;

How is it's function:

It combines these three phases of boxing in a single machine. The cartons used by the wrap around are necessarily different from those used in the classic systems. These are applied to a warehouse that tries to pick them up and pre-form them according to the foreseen folds. The cardboard in the wrap around is built around the bottle and is always sealed through a glue system; that creates an elegant and functional closure with precise sprays. The entrances for these machines can be both straight and at 90 degrees. To channel and arrange the bottles a divider is provided at the machine entrance which is an equipment that arranges and sorts the bottles to be packaged in rows of equal number and length. Over the years these types of machinery have evolved, and today they are built more compact and functional; (in terms of consumption and effective working yield). These can receive any bottle format but for shaped or particular shaped bottles the study and solution of the wrap around at times it may require anthropomorphic solutions. That is possible through the use of robots that help the formation of the carton and the direction of the bottle.

Wrap around program:

Obviously, the wrap-around machines, like all case packers and carton forming and closing machines, are machine controlled by PLCs. Also, dedicated programs allow you to choose the most suitable solutions for the bottle format to be processed and the type and conformation of the chosen carton. The tolerances of the machinery are disparate and are however specified in the technical information.