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Rinsing Machine

Rinsing Machine

The rinsing machine process both for used automatic rinser and new rinser machine is a delicate process, as the container must necessarily be sterile so for this reason, when the bottles are loaded directly on the line; the first machine they encounter is the bottle rinsing machine. The rinsing machine is responsible for disinfecting the inside of the bottles and making them ready for filling and this also removes any external residues from the bottle that may have accidentally ended up inside the bottle, impurities, dust, or foreign bodies.

Rinser equipment: How does it work

Operation is very simple of the used automatic rinser, so the bottles arrive in a row through a bottle-sized conveyor belt and from there, physically enter the machine through an auger (worm) which positions them at equal distance from each other. Once inside the screw, the bottle advances in the rinser until it is inserted into the star, which aligns the bottles so at this point the neck of the bottle is aligned immediately under a clamp that takes the bottle from the neck and turns it upside down. In the used automatic rinser the nozzle enters the neck of the bottle and in a few moments a strong jet of peracetic, then water or other disinfectant is nebulized at high pressure inside the bottle to remove foreign bodies. Continuing, a strong jet of filtered compressed air is blown at high pressure, to dry the same bottles in an instant. Finally, the bottle is put back in position, ready to be moved to the conveyor system and to the filling station.

Differences between models of new and used rinser machinery:

As with most of the machines in a bottling line, the rinsing machine has several settings so the height of the rotating head (which must adapt to the height of the bottle in use) where the pliers take the bottles with the screw and the stars, which must all be made to measure for the difference in the size of the bottle, such as the bottle for sparkling wine, the typical long table wine bottle, the 250 cl up to 2 liters or more. All parts of the used automatic rinser machine have suitable stars and augers and different heights and in addition to having a greater or lesser number of pliers and using different products for cleaning the bottles; This equipment can have one or two circuits for cleaning the inside of the bottle, so could be with a fixed or not a fixed pipe of rinsing (the second come inside the bottle).

Main builders:

Among the main manufacturers of rinsers we find names such as:


Founded in 1951, the German Krones is undoubtedly the largest manufacturer of industrial bottling machines. They provide complete solutions for everything related to bottling.


AVE Technologies for used automatic rinser has a market presence of over 60 years. It provides services to clients in 60 countries internationally. They have a wide range of products in their portfolio, including palletizers as well.


WAB founded in 1996 specializes in rinsing machinery and It's machinery ranges from systems for sterilization, to blowing and rinsing of containers and caps.


Bertolaso ​​S.p.A. is a leader in the design for the used/new automatic rinser equipment and manufacture and installation of automatic systems for the bottling of still and sparkling wine, spirits, beer, fruit juices, water and beverages. Active since 1880 in Zimella, in the province of Verona, the group responds to the need for innovation and reliability of large and small producers around the world.