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The palletizer for the bottling industry

The palletizer is a machine that is able to automatically sort, transfer, stack, and securely packaged goods onto a pallet, so it’s purpose in manufacturing is to provide a fast and automated means to prepare packaged goods and products for shipping. Generally it is placed at the end of a production line and it replaces potentially expensive and slow manual labor, therefore it also adds precision that only mechanized and computerized means can provide, but this is the result of the evaluation.

How do they work:

There are three main categories of palletizers, and their operation changes based on their type as follows:
  • robotic
  • low level
  • high-level

Robotic or Robot Palletizer

The products arriving at a conveyor belt line are picked up by a hydraulic robotic arm and placed onto a pallet in an organized fashion. Robotic palletizers are very flexible as they can be modified to handle basically any product, Therefore they have lots of naming varieties depending on what they can manipulate: This is also one of their advantages, and they also occupy less space than conventional palletizers so can service multiple pallets from multiple conveyor belts, but however they generally cost more, and they also lack their speed.

Advantages are the follow items:

  • Smaller footprint and
  • Flexibility in the handling of different types of products and pallet stacking patterns and
  • Servicing of multiple production lines and
  • Lift of up to 1000 kg and
  • Potential to handle mixed loads on pallets.


  • They generally cost more than conventional palletizers plus
  • They are slower in servicing a single conveyor than their conventional counterparts. (Speed between 8 and 30 cases/min) so
  • sometimes are not convenient.

Low and high level palletizers

These conventional palletizers operate with the help of conveyors and an area that receives the goods to be palletized. Low level palletizers load products from the ground level, while high level ones load from above. The items to be loaded arrive at conveyors where they are continuously transferred to and sorted on the pallets, so both of these conventional palletizing methods are generally faster than robotic methods. Types of products handled are the following: cases, crates, trays, bundles, etc.


  • Generally costs less than a robotic palletizer because it is less complex, it is easier to maintain and operate.
  • A maximum of 15 cases/min for low-level palletizers
  • Up to of 200 cases/min for high-level palletizers
  • Palletize cases, bags, crates, bundles etc.
  • The created pallets are very compact


  • Handles only one type of product at a time
  • It occupies a considerable amount of space both in height and in area
  • Maintenance, although easier (requires less specialized knowledge) is more often required

Used palletizer brands on our site:

Krones Founded in 1951, the German Krones is arguably the biggest manufacturer of industrial machines for bottling. They provide all-around solutions for all things bottling. ABM Automazioni Special assembly line and machine manufacturer established in 2006 focused on integration, robotic machines, custom solutions. ACMI Bottling and packaging systems A bottling and packaging machine manufacturer company with over 35 years of experience. They manufacture complete bottling lines, as well as single bottling machines. AVE Technologies AVE Technologies has a market presence of over 60 years. It is servicing clients in 60 countries internationally. They have a wide range of products in their portfolio, including also palletizers. Cosmapack An Italian company with over 40 years of presence also internationally. It serves diverse sectors with all types of packaging machines. EMS Logik Italian designer, manufacturer, and installer of complete systems and individual machines for palletizing and depalletizing. Mondo & Scaglione Italian packaging company that has been around for over 50 years with an incentive from their wine making environment. Sipa Sipa has over 30 years of experience in PET bottling for many sectors. They offer solutions for preforms, blow moulding systems, filling monoblocs and palletizing. Zecchetti 60 year old company specializing in turnkey conveying and palletizing systems.