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Pallet Wrapper

Pallet Wrapper

Wrapping with the stretch film is the ideal system for assembling, stabilizing, and protecting loads of various sizes; guaranteeing agile and safe transport. It represents the last phase of the production process; but also the first essential step in the logistics chain. The winders can be automatic or semi-automatic with three types of solutions: with rotating table, rotating arm, and rotating ring.

Automatic wrapping machines

Roller or chain conveyors transport the pallet automatically in the machine. They do not require the presence of the operator. When the pallet is in the correct position, the machine proceeds with the selected automatic wrapping cycle; respecting the set parameters. It automatically transports the pallet in the out feed section; this happens once the wrapping cycle finishes. Perimeter safety guards must protect the automatic pallet wrapper; as required by law, in order to prevent access to the machine while the cycle is in progress. A rotating platform with a transport system equips the automatic rotary table machine; (roller conveyor or catenary according to the needs of the line) and with the devices necessary for the automatic functions (gripper and film cutting). This type of rotary table machine has the lowest production among the various models of machines (from 20 to 55 pallets/hour) but with some typical advantages: minimum footprint on the ground, greater ease of operation, and very little need for maintenance. A higher capacity value characterized the automatic rotation arm machine, with values ​​ranging from 55 up to 100 pallets/hour. Particularly recommended for unstable pallets that could be at risk of falling during table rotation is the arm machine. The automatic rotating ring machines guarantee the highest production (up to 160 pallets/hour) together with technical characteristics capable of satisfying specific customer needs in terms of wrapping cycles and layout.

Semi-automatic wrapping machines

They are used when moderate productivity is required, and the operator needs to make sure that they are in good working condition. They are characterized by the versatility of use in any condition the customer has to operate. Can also be with a rotating table, with a rotating arm or self-propelled robots that rotate around the pallets.  A reel holder trolley equips all automatic and semi-automatic wrapping machines, with a motorized film pre-stretch system. 


Pre-stretch means to stretch the film so that it becomes elastic. The elastic force of the film keeps the goods placed on the pallet compact. Replacing the gears, or using the inverter from the electrical panel, is a solution to adjust them. The pre-stretch percentage can be varied; from 0% to a maximum of 450% depending on the characteristics of the film and is obtained by acting on the speeds of the motors mounted on the carriage. This feature allows you to make the most of the characteristics of the film used, allowing a significant reduction in film consumption. Furthermore, the possibility of setting different pre-stretch percentage values ​​for each program and each phase of the wrapping cycle maximizes the performance in terms of stability of the palletized load, while ensuring greater stability of the palletized load.