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Used wirehooder:

Automatic wine machinery for distributing and tying wire cages on sparkling wine bottles there for the production of bottles goes from a few thousand per hour to over 50,000 for industrial productions, and clearly the systems for applying the wirehood go from very simple to very complex in the case of high speeds. Both used and new wire-hooding machines are completely automatic, designed and built for the picking and distribution of metal wire-hoods that can have different sizes and consistencies, but their use is not difficult for the technical operator.

How the Wirehooder works:

The introduction system of wirehooders provides for a bottle inlet through an auger for the control of the bottles arriving so from the conveyor belt in the machine and their phasing to make them end up in the multi-head rotary carousel exactly in relation to the revolution of the automatic carouse, this for the application of the metal cages, then to position and tie the cages with electronic controls, for check the presence of bottles, at the entrance to keep the flow smoothly. The system of the wirehooders usually includes photocells both at the inlet and the outlet of the bottle which are called "overflow" and everything must be synchronized. All this is managed by a PLC, in collaboration with inverters located in the electrical panel. The machines, like the majority of winemaking machines, are completely made of steel, with all the accident prevention protections according to CE regulations. The Wirehooder can be linear or rotary depending on the type of container and speed request and the size of bottle utilized could change the pitch of the equipment.