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The Premix machinery or named Mixer has been developed for the deaeration, blending, and saturation of beverages; and, depending on its execution, can work from a minimum of two components (water and syrup) to a maximum of eight ingredients, so including two dosages of flavor (depending on the make and model). The machine is available in different sizes with yields of 15, 30, 45, 60, and 90 m3 / h, so the nominal efficiency of this premix machine in continuous operation is between 33% and 100%, while its maximum efficiency corresponds to 110% of the nominal efficiency.

What these units work for:

The dosage of liquid and gaseous ingredients is based on the register regulation system; and, high-pressure carbonation guarantees an optimal solution of CO2 in the product; so the Premix is therefore particularly suitable for the production of soft drinks with a very wide output range so

Advantages of the premix system described:

High dosing accuracy with continuous production saves media and product; so no additional CO2 consumption on the mixer both during continuous production (33-100%); and these have to use a quick product change of the used and new mixer with water rinse; so in less than 10 minutes; that is depending on equipment, communication, and layout of syrup room, mixer and filler. Intensive homogenization of the mixture thanks to two axial dynamic mixing segments plus one recipe memory, for perfect reproducibility of product quality over time. KRONES EVOGUARD, for example, is a series of high-efficiency valves, of in-house production and this offers concrete advantages in daily operation.

Basic machinery as Customer-specific extensions:

Detailed description of this unit is provided as: Aroma dosage, regulated with Sampling valves of the mixer; and, automatic control of the CIP system valves via bus system plus CO2 measurement Maselli and measurement of the Brix value; product output and Maselli data collection software annex to the premix with Double deaeration with vacuum; and pressure with stripping gas plus vacuum pump in anti-corrosion (anti-rust) stainless steel / chrome-nickel steel (similar to AISI 304); plus Pressure-intensifying pump with pressure regulation. Different pressurizing of gas and change of pressurizing gas after the start of production of the mixer; with exchange of signals for water supply and exchange of signals for the refrigerant supply of the premix, with the pressure monitoring on the water inlet of the mixer added to a Plate heat exchanger; so KRONES execution base in anti-corrosion (anti-rust) stainless steel and chrome-nickel steel (similar to AISI 304). The refrigerant monitoring for premix function as follow: A means of ascent to access the electrical components installed in the premix at a height of over 2.2 meters; so no limitations regarding pulp and fiber size and the Heat exchanger for the cooling water (upstream of the syrup dosing point) for the fiber content of the product.