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Products:Alcohol, Beer, Dairy, Detergents, Juice, Oil, Soft Drinks, Spirits, Spumante, Tea, Vinegar, Water (Sparkling), Water (Still), Wine (Sparkling), Wine (Still)
Label placement:Wrap around label
Cap type:Aluminum screw, Straight cork


A saturator is a machine that allows to carbonatize the still water without gas that arrives from the purification plant. Usually, they are double column and their flow rate can vary according to the size of the tanks used to build them, so we are talking about flow rate in liters per hour as this defines the hourly production capacity of carbonated water expressed in the unit of measurement of liters / hour.

How these can be use:

These saturators can be used both to add water and wine and depending on what they have to work on, so they must be built with unique and dedicated technical specifications. Usually the material used for the tanks is in AISI 316 food steel, but it can also be built in AISI 304, a steel a little less resistant but still valid for mixing non-aggressive food liquids such as water.

Saturator system Structure:

Its main structure is built on a common base where the storage tanks, all the valves and the connections between the valves and the tanks are then positioned. The CO2 system for the administration of carbon dioxide, which is usually located outside the building, will be connected to this machinery. All this is managed by a dedicated PLC which, together with the electrical panel, composes the electrical and electronic profile of the machine which can dispense more or less carbonation depending on the type of product to be bottled. Usually, both used and new saturators do not take up much space and can be easily handled.