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Used Filling Monoblock – AVE OCEANIC V 16/16/4

  • AVE OCEANIC V 16/16/4 - 1
  • AVE OCEANIC V 16/16/4 - 2
  • AVE OCEANIC V 16/16/4 - 3
  • AVE OCEANIC V 16/16/4 - 4
  • AVE OCEANIC V 16/16/4 - 5
  • AVE OCEANIC V 16/16/4 - 6
  • AVE OCEANIC V 16/16/4 - 7
  • AVE OCEANIC V 16/16/4 - 8


  • Ref#:M109
  • Machine type: Filling Monoblock
  • Manufacturer: AVE
  • Model:OCEANIC V 16/16/4
  • Year:2006
  • Products: Alcohol
  • Containers: Glass
  • Formats:0.7 L
  • Condition:Sold
  • Safety features:Yes
  • Manuals:Yes
  • Rotation direction:Clockwise



  • No. of grippers:16
  • No. of treatments:Single


  • No. of valves:16
  • Fill type:Gravity/light depression
  • Type of nozzle:Fixed


  • Cap type:Aluminum screw, Plastic screw
  • No. of heads:4
  • Cap size:Guala 33x 47 and Pilfer 33


Filling Monoblock – AVE OCEANIC V 16/16/4

The UNIBLOC machines are composed of three stations, which operate in a synchronised way. Said stations treat the product – in this specific case a plastic or glass bottle or container – by rinsing it with a sanitizing product, and then filling and capping it. The machine is made from AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel, with some components made from Fe, and rests on a base having the function of supporting all assemblies and housing the electric motor, reducers and motion transmission gears.

The rinsing cycle is divided into a product injection phase and a draining phase.

The filling machine forces product into the containers by gravity/light depression.

Capping machines usually have a disk sorter at their top.
This device allows to feed plastic or aluminium caps by means of a rotary movement combined with a jet of air.

* DISCLAIMER* The operational status of each machine is monitored on a monthly basis. Therefore we will promptly update the current status of the machine only at the time of your request.



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