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The stretch wrapper or pallet wrapper is a machine that uses stretchable plastic film to keep products in place for shipping on pallets. The stretch film is wrapped around items and keeps them tightly bound for stability. It is useful for creating stable pallet units for transportation purposes and provides protection. As such it is used at the end of the production line.

How does a stretch wrapper work?

Although all stretch wrapping machines have the final result of a pallet load wrapped in stretch film, the method of how they achieve this depends on the type of the stretch wrapper.

Rotating table or turntable stretch wrappers

With the turntable the pallet is placed on table that rotates while a film delivery system dispenses the stretch film around the batch. The film application starts generally at the bottom of the pallet, goes up to its top, and then down again to the bottom. The rotating table stretch wrapper is the most used type of stretch wrapper and can be set up for many types of applications.

Rotary Arm or Rotating Arm Pallet Wrappers

Rotating Arm Stretch Wrappers can reach wrapping speeds up to 40 loads an hour. They are especially efficient for loads that are not stable i. e. that are very heavy or light. The rotating arm moves around the pallet, applying the stretch film while the load stays in place. Like this the likelihood of the load falling over during wrapping is reduced to a minimum.

Used pallet wrapper brands on our site

Pieri is a well-known Italian company with a long history of operation (40+ years) specialized in wrapping and conveying palletized loads.

The Robopac multinational company is part of the AETNA group and has over 30 years of experience in, among other things, creating pallet wrappers. 

AVE Technologies
AVE Technologies has a market presence of over 60 years and is servicing clients in 60 countries internationally with a wide range of products in their portfolio, including also stretch wrapping machines. The longevity of the company by itself speaks for the quality of their products.

With a presence of 40 years of experience on the end-of-line market, the TOSA Group has all the references it needs to be a reliable and leading manufacturer of palletizing machines.

Why buy a used stretch wrapper?

Used stretch wrappers cost, of course, a fraction of a new one with comparable quality and their maintenance, does not cost a lot and can be executed 99% of the time by the operator.

For a list of our available used stretch wrappers click here.

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