Used Bottling Lines

Our filling machines for sale


Used Filler equipment for sale:

This machine takes care of container such as bottles or cans. We mainly deal with automatic used filling machines and semi-automatic machines. On the market there are various models of equipment that change mainly according to the type of product that is bottled. For example, fill sparkling wine is different than one than only still products, then will need different equipment. In addition, based on the production speed of the automatic bottle Filler machine, there are linear or rotary fillers, which differ in the number of bottles that are produced hourly, or in the space they occupy or even the cost, etc.

Automatic machine: what it does in practice

A new/used machine is not simply a “filler”. During the process it must absolutely not modify the physical – organoleptic properties of the product that is working such as water, wine, beer, milk and oil. The used bottle Filler machine for sale for this product have different system and rules. The automatic bottle Filler machine must therefore have a system and components that are consistent and respectful of all health and hygiene regulations required by current regulations. During the entire phase, the automatic machine must avoid doing essentially these four things: To give a stable rule, the time between filling and capping must be as short as possible, we speak of seconds, in which nothing must come into contact with the content. The filler consists of a variable number of taps or nozzles, from which the product flows directly into the bottle container, brik etc .. So we have different proposal for wine machine for sale, water bottle filling machine for sale, soda, milk, beer, used pet bottle filling machine for sale, juice Filler machine for sale.

Types and methods:

Depending on the type of product that is being bottled, the filling process will differ. Filling a wine bottle is done differently than a tea can or milk carton. For this reason the filling methods are divided into:
  1. Gravity or gravity fill – slight depression
  2. Vacuum or depression
  3. Volumetric
  4. Isobaric or counterpressure
  5. Hot fill
  6. Aseptic

Types of Container:

PET, Glass, Can, Tetra Pak