Used Bottling Lines




The depalletizer what it is and how it works, often called only DEPAL, is a machine made to remove the containers from a whole new pallet with thermo-shrinking nylon and place them on the line for their filling, and they can be both bottles ( glass and plastic), than cans. It all starts with an operator with a forklift, who loads the pallets full of empty bottles or cans, onto a roller conveyor, and who unpacks it from the nylon wrapping that holds the whole pack of bottles or cans together, then it is let in through rollers slowly in the machine, the depalletizer then removes one layer at a time (the pallets are divided into 4/5/6 layers or more, depending on the type of container and their height, divided by plastic or paper interlayers) and this happens through a grip from all sides of the pallets to keep it immobile made by the depalletizer, and succeeding through a bar the push of the bottles or cans to move an entire layer at a time on a steel plate, which once filled is brought to the 'height of the line and pushed back onto an accumulation plane, from where through a series of conveyor belts the containers are sent to the first machine that comes in order of processing on the line a, which is usually the rinser.

How it work?:

When complete, the depalletizer includes both an empty pallet warehouse and an interlayer warehouse, which accumulate and also has a system to remove the cardboard layer at the top and also the interlayers themselves, NB: the one at the top is a cardboard layer which covers the last layer of the pallets, and which is removed by 4/5 suction cups on the arms, which lift the cap by suction, and which are gradually removed from the pallets, and must be eliminated. Each type of container has different heights, whether they are 33 CL or 50 CL cans, or bottles of 250, 375, 500, 660, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000 CL (these are the most commonly used sizes, there are others) for this reason the machine has different programs preset in the PLC, to which the operator must communicate the exact code corresponding to the type of bottle or can that must be unloaded and put on the line, in addition to this there are in some depalletizers some adjustments to be made manually, such as the measurement to be manually set for the height of the machine head and the sensor that comes into contact with the pad and takes the measurement before removing the pad which is sometimes not adjusted by the PLC, in addition to that also the sides of the lines of the initial conveyor belt,  due to the type of bottle and / or can, must be adjusted to introduce the containers in a row into the line.