Used Bottling Lines

Complete Line

Complete Line

Used Plastic PET bottling lines for sale:

The PET bottling lines are a set of machines that have the main purpose of producing a plastic bottle starting from the PET powder or from the already blown bottle preform. The speed of PET Used bottling lines for sale can vary between 3000 and 100,000 pieces per hour, and the type and design of the secondhand bottling line for sale vary according to the technologies to be used. Used bottling plants for sale may require a large or smaller space in which to be positioned and this depends on the speed and type of models you choose.

Component of the plastic line for sale:

The components of the PET used bottling equipment for sale can start from: injection press with which the preforms are formed, to the preform blower, filler and capper, bottle inspector, labeler, shrink wrapper and handle applicator with palletizer and pallet wrapper. The most recent used bottling equipment for sale can have the combi block system formed by a blow molding machine and integrated the filler and the capper, therefore the air belts are not required and the space required of the used bottling lines is less than the traditional solution which provides for the air belts that connect the blow molding machine preforms at the bottling triblock. PLC operating systems and software and hardware used bottling machines for sale can be of different types, brands and models of a secondhand bottling equipment and very often this can make a big difference in choosing one type of brand over another for ease of finding spare parts and assistance from both the parent company than by technicians and specialized workshops. Second hand bottling equipment and new one are always synchronized in all their elements and machinery, there are power panels that connect and synchronize the progress and speed at which they must produce and the efficiency of the same depends very much on the type of maintenance that is carried out both in terms of frequency the more the maintenance is done well, the more efficient the machines are and last over time. The PET bottling line can fill both still or sparkling water, as well as soft drinks, beer, wine, fruit juices and can bottle both fresh products with aseptic technology and or hot fill or products with preservatives; natural tea and products mixed with soft drinks and alcohol can also be bottled.

Used Glass bottling line for sale:

The used glass bottling line can be either returnable used glass bottling line or non-returnable glass bottle production line The first type glass bottle production line for sale will have as machines the follow list: a depalletizer for crates, a de creater system, a crate washer, a bottle washer with label extraction and pulping, a packer for plastic crates and a palletizer for crates with usually a strapping machine. The second type of used glass bottling line, therefore disposable glass, will have a bottle Depalletizer usually automatic, a case packer and a carton palletizer with stretch film winder.

Common equipment:

The machines that are instead common in the glass bottling line for sale are the rinsing, filling and capping triblock, the bottle inspectors both for checking the liquid level and the presence of the cap and any residues in suspension and for checking the presence of the label, the machinery of labeling machines and the power panel of the line as well as the machines that stamp the lot and year on the package or on the label.

Product filled:

The glass bottling line for sale can fill both Water still and sparkling, soft drinks, beer, juice, milk with different type of technology and for offer the most suitable used line, it is necessary to know all the details of the production cycle and identify exactly what is necessary in order to obtain the best production and quality from the used or new machinery that you want to buy. We can also supply complete used can lines, brick lines both Tetra pack and Elopack, assistance and spare part of all type.