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Case erector Ocme Altair N40 2009

On sale Case erector Ocme Altair N40 2009 deal in excellent condition for use, please contact us for detailed information detailed and price for this used case packers.

Code: FC05
Manufacturer: Ocme
Model: Altair N40
Year of construction: 2009
Output production cases per minute: 40 box/min
Type of closure: N.d.
Available owner’s manuals: Yes
Accident prevention protections: Yes
Machine/line in function: Yes
Formats being worked: bottiglia tonda 16 formati - 4x3 2x3 1L 0.75L 0.70L
Measures – machine size: N.d.
More information: Request information for this machine

Case erector Ocme Altair N40 2009

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Case erector Ocme Altair N40 2009

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